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Discover our gorgeous designs directly on your smartphone or tablet. Create your own personalised invitations and congratulations that really come from your heart. And the best part? Our digital highlights are the perfect complement to our premium tailor-made printed products. With PrintsRegent-DesignShop, your message becomes a contemporary one-of-a-kind. Enjoy the magic of personalised visual communication now!


Save-the-Date Cards


Get your guests in the mood for the upcoming wedding in style. Send a digital save-the-date card so your loved ones can mark the day in their calendars.




You can easily create individual invitations for your business partners, family or friends yourself. Get creative and design your digital invitation in our tool.


Thank you notes


Saying thank you for a wonderful day or a special deed - it's child's play with our digital thank you notes. Feel free to use our design tool and post the result afterwards. Let's go!

New baby on the way? Then share it digitally!

If you're having a baby, you can quickly create beautiful baby announcements in digital form with PrintsRegent-DesignShop. Use your own photos, files and texts. This way, your friends and family will be even happier when they receive your baby announcement in their email inbox or via messenger.

If your little one is already here, you can continue with the design of digital birth cards. Especially after the birth, a lot of things are still stressful. We make it easy for you to create beautiful digital birth cards in just a few simple steps. After downloading the cards, you can send them directly to your friends and family via email or WhatsApp.

The beauty of it is that you don't have to print out lots of cards, you just need one copy to send digitally.

Send a thank you, invitations or greetings in style digitally

Planning a celebration or a bigger party and want to invite your guests quickly but in style? Then with PrintsRegent-DesignShop you can create beautiful invitation cards in digital form online with just a few clicks and send them immediately after downloading.

It works the same way if you want to send a small thank you to your guests. The digital thank you cards are created in no time and ready to send immediately.

Would you like to surprise your friends or relatives with a personal digital greeting? Then you can also use our FreeDesign tool with high-quality templates and countless graphics free of charge. Your pictures and texts can be inserted very easily. Get started right here and see how easy it is to design with PrintsRegent-DesignShop.

Create reverent condolences digitally

After a death, there is a lot to do. One of the important tasks is to send funeral cards to friends, acquaintances and relatives. We take a great deal of effort off your hands by allowing you to quickly create digital bereavement cards online thanks to appealing templates. Individual details can be added with just a few clicks. After downloading, the digital cards are immediately available for sending.

Do you want to express your condolences to someone close to you? Then you can also create digital sympathy cards with PrintsRegent-DesignShop. Your condolences will reach the recipient even faster this way, but thanks to the high graphic quality and the individual details you add, they will be even more personal and direct than a standard condolence card.

Personalise smartphone or desktop with just a few clicks

We all look at a screen for many minutes or even hours every day. That's exactly why you should make your screen background a little nicer. With PrintsRegent-DesignShop, you can design individual desktop wallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone and tablet or even smartwatch wallpapers online in just a few simple steps.

The big advantage of this is that you can quickly upload an image as a background. But usually the format doesn't fit properly, so the result is rarely satisfactory. With our digital wallpapers for tablet, smartphone, desktop and smartwatch, you can ensure that your motifs look perfect on the respective screen background. Start designing right here!